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About the owners

KCountyEvents is a collaboration between Mini Mischief Managed, owned by Kelly Mager, and Anderson The Fish, owned by Joel Widman.

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Our Motivation

This county has so many hidden gems, so we thought we'd bring them to light and show them off. Small towns don't have to be boring. Like anything, it's what you make of it. Make the most of your town by engaging in it and getting involved. You have so much to offer and it has so much to offer you!

Both Kelly and I (Joel) know what it's like to wake up on a Saturday morning and be like, "All right kids, what do you want to do today?" Then each of our families spends the next two hours trying to find something interesting, and by the time we've decided what we want to do, it's time for a snack and a nap. KCountyEvents was developed to help families (and individuals) find events they can enjoy with people they love!

Future Plans

  • Soon, we will be developing an app for download

  • Monetization

    • We will be adding a "Highlighted Events" section which will feature specific events for a fee 

    • We will start actively promoting specific events for a fee

    • We will sell ad space above the calendar to small businesses in the area


Our mission is to raise awareness among the residents of Kosciusko County about the many events available to them.


We believe that individuals and communities thrive when they are more well-connected. By aggregating all of the local events into one comprehensive calendar, our hope is to contribute to the interconnectedness of the great people of Kosciusko County.

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