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Winona Lake Ruck/Run Challenge: six-hour endurance ultra

Start Date :
Saturday, June 15, 2024
3:00 a.m.
End Date:
Sunday, June 16, 2024
3:00 a.m.
Winona Lake Trails
REGISTRATION LINK: Event Duration: The event will last 6 hours. 5pm-11pm Team Composition: Teams will consist of 4 athletes. We encourage team uniforms, colors, or other unifying visual elements. Activity Options: Teams can choose their activity preferences, including: - All team members rucking. - All team members running. - Two team members rucking, one running, and one resting. Course Lengths: Running: 1.25 miles per lap Rucking: 0.75 miles per lap Trails will be marked on Strava for navigation. Team Relay: Teams will use slap bracelets for relay handoffs. Ruck Details: Rucking will be done two athletes at a time, tethered. Rotation: After two consecutive laps, team members must rotate. Registration Fee: The registration fee is $75 per person, totaling $300 per team. Non-Traditional Entry: There will be options for non-traditional entry. Some athletes have expressed interest in doing the event solo as a personal challenge. This exhibition option will have a $150 registration fee. Proceeds go to: • filling the pantry at Fellowship Missions • Kosciusko Velo's efforts to expand and improve the Winona Trails • repaving the parking lot at CrossFit Haymaker
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