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Where To Play Disc Golf

Updated: Nov 16, 2023

Maybe your are a serious disc golf player. But if you are just getting into it and exploring what Kosciusko has to offer, keep reading.

For novices, like me, most courses provide two starting spots, similar to golf. The difference is typically distance from a hole, but may also take into consideration technical difficulty too. The main starting spot (further away) will also provide a mini map showing where you are, where the other starting spot is, and where the current hole net is located in relation to it.

Most courses also offer guides showing you were to go to get from the prior net to the next tee. Sometimes this is a brick in the ground pointing away from the net in a certain direction. Or there might be an arrow or guide on the net itself.

Many courses have 9 holes to play, but some may have more or less.

woman playing disc golf

800 N. Park Avenue Warsaw, IN46580

This course is very much a technical course. It's filled with trees, which in my novice status I hit frequently. This provided endless giggles for my young kids playing with me. It is perfect for little legs as the holes are also on the shorter side. Nestled in by Pike lake, with adjoining playground area, it's perfect for families with younger kids, and also close by for anyone in Warsaw looking for something to do during a lunch break.

65GM+QCW Winona Lake, Indiana (can park off Kings Hwy by Seminary Drive)

Sprawling across the north side of the campus, this course has longer holes, lots of green space, and fewer trees. If you're like me, I skip the last hole as you have to navigate over a water feature and I'm not taking any chances!

1300 Husky Trail, Warsaw, IN 46582 (behind Harrison Elementary)

Played this course for the first time in November 2023. A nice option for families as it has the elementary playgrounds nearby to enjoy during your visit. A few long holes, a few more technical, and everything is marked, though with older signage. Just make sure for hole 5 you tee off facing the school. As a beginner you might assume at first you are going the other direction based on how you approach the tee from the prior hole.

13900 N. Eastshore Drive, Syracuse, IN

I haven't visited here yet, but it sounds lovely. This course has 18 holes. There is a flag at the entrance that will say if the course is open to play or not. Green means open, red means closed. They also update the flag status on their facebook page.

Private course, call or text Steven first at 574-268-1267

639P+CP8 Warsaw, Indiana

Being a private course, this doesn't have all the amenities others have, but is still great if you live on the West/South side of the county due to its location.

Only when school is not in session (after 3:15pm on school days)

S Blaine St, North Webster, IN 46555

I checked this out for the first time in October 2023. Half the course has sprawling holes with lots of green space. The other half is a technical game in the woods with lots of trees and shorter distances. Both parts were enjoyable when playing for fun and not for a score. Little kids will love climbing the tire tower to reach the net on one of the early holes; and traipsing through the woods, fallen leaves, and seeing the river on the second half.

Bonus points that you are right next to the school playground if you want to hang out longer after the game.

968R+PM5 Quaker Haven Park, Indiana

As I get the chance to try out the other courses listed in this article, I'll update it with my thoughts and experiences. Fall is a great time to enjoy this outdoor activity!


1900 E Winona Ave, Warsaw, IN 46580, USA

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Shoutout to Kenney Park Disc Golf Course just outside Kosciusko's borders. It's the 3rd most played course in northern Indiana, and 10-15 minutes from Syracuse.

Serious about disc golf? Learn more about each of these locations and find others not in Kosciusko by visiting You can also join the Kosciusko Disc Golf facebook group to share info and schedule group play.


Ready to try out disc golf? If you aren't able to make it to the local Circle Disc Golf shop in Winona, check out this affordable online option to get some starting discs.

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