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2023 Summer Camps List

Updated: Jun 23, 2023

Summer camps have probably been planning for this moment from the end of last Summer. Here is one easy to reference post showing you everything. Take a look of what they have planned for Kosciusko this year!

Where able, I posted the age/grade range a business offers to make it easier to narrow down offerings that apply to your family. Always check an organization's site for the most up to date info.

Registration is currently open for almost all options listed.

Traditional Camp Opportunities

Sports (except swimming)



School/Daycare Style Options


If this feels overwhelming and you're just looking for something spontaneous to partake in, visit our homepage calendar; that's exactly what it was created for!

Whew! 😅 That was a lot - almost 40 organizations, with most offering multiple options! Exhausted just looking through the choices? Think of me compiling and checking it!


Wawasee Area Conservancy Foundation 11586 SR 13 in Syracuse will host Play Day on June 6 from 9-11 am AND Wetland Adventures from 9-11 July 12,18, and 26. Also Fishing with the DNR on July 5 at Between the Lakes off Pickwick Rd in Syracuse. All activities are for elementary and pre school children accompanied by an adult.

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Thanks Pam! These events have been added to the calendar!


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