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2024 Ultimate Summer Camp List For Kosciusko County

Updated: 1 day ago

Summer camps start planning the next year as soon as the last camper gets sent home. Take a look of what they have planned for Kosciusko this year!

Options are categorized based on what they offer; and where able, the age/grade range their programs are for. This should make it easier to narrow down choices that apply to your family. Always check an organization's site for the most up to date info.

Registration is currently open for almost all options listed.

Traditional Camp Opportunities

Sports (except swimming)



School/Daycare Style Options


If this feels overwhelming and you're just looking for something spontaneous to partake in, visit our homepage calendar; that's exactly what it was created for!

Whew! 😅 That was a lot - about 45 organizations, with most offering multiple options! Exhausted just looking through the choices? Think of me compiling and checking it!

Need some sun protection before heading out to enjoy all the activities? Grab some from here and support our site! [ad]

Sunday Afternoon has hats for kids, women, and men.

So many sunscreen choices! Find one that works for your family.


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