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Local Authors - Does Kosciusko Have Any?

Updated: Dec 10, 2023

It can be easy to assume that if you don't know anyone locally who has published a book, then there aren't any.

But that happens to be far from the truth!

November is a perfect time to talk about books! November is national NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month) as well as Children's Book Week from November 6-12th. Additionally, the Warsaw Community Public Library will have books from local authors in their display case throughout the month of December. I encourage you to take a look!

So, as you have probably figured out by now, Kosciusko County is home to plenty of published authors. Some are self-published and others chose the traditional or hybrid route. Let's meet a few of them!

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A book for new moms, a book for new dads, and a chapter book series for kids!

Let's start with me, Kelly. I've self-published three books, all with the goal of empowering the reader to make the most of life's current stage. My most recent book, a fictional trilogy where middle schoolers become 'accidental' business owners, has been the most fun to talk about. Especially since so many kids are trying out the idea and participating in events like the North Webster Community Center Business Fair held in March each year.

I have had the wonderful opportunity to speak at several elementary schools about the self-publishing process, my why behind each book (specifically my kid's entrepreneurship story), and what the writing process can be like.

Most recently I participated in the Washington Elementary Literacy Night where I got to meet some other local authors!


Both author AND illustrator, Jonna has published two picture books for kids. She hands out stretchy plastic bracelets at events as a reminder about Ruby's story.


Dani's story Please, like many, grew out of her life experience. More specifically her time since becoming a mother. She has also had the opportunity to share her story at local schools and it was wonderful to watch her at the Washington Literacy Night. Many of the students there recognized and remembered Dani fondly from her visits.


Jennifer teaches in the Warsaw school system and has a picture book of her own. With more stories planned for the future, her current focus is in hosting a 'meet the author' event at the Warsaw Public Library on 11/18 @11:30am. She'll read her story, have books available to sign and purchase, along with a kids activity.


Ashley's book, Cooking With The Village At Winona incorporates all the wonderful food ingredients available for purchase in the Village. A self acclaimed foodie, she greatly enjoyed the experimenting, testing, tasting, and retesting of the recipes that made it into her final version.


Juniper has enjoyed writing for fun since she was a child and hopes that Anyra will be the first release in a long, successful writing career. Learn more about her on her website.


"Lynn is a member of the Historical Novel Society and Kosciusko County (Indiana) Historical Society." Furs and Fevers is a historical fiction, right in line with what Lynn enjoys learning and sharing about.


"Along the north shores of beautiful Winona Lake, in Warsaw, Indiana sat the home of one of the most scenic and beloved quarter-mile dirt tracks in the United States. This track wasn’t just about racing, but about friendships and a bond among those that called this track home. From its inception in 1949 with the introduction of midget hot rods and jalopies to the powerful winged sprints, hobby stocks and street stocks racing during that last summer in 1990, the Warsaw Speedway drew thousands of fans and drivers from all over the United States, Canada, Australia, and beyond."

"No one would have ever guessed, especially a young 15-year-old Paul Hazen, that this boy just tryin’ to stay out of trouble from rural Indiana, would end up 65 years later still towing the Hazen 57 Sprinter from racetrack to racetrack every weekend throughout the summer. With nearly 70 drivers hopping behind the wheel over the years, including the first 11 with Paul himself as driver, they amassed an incredible 248 feature wins and 21 Track Championships!"


A professor at Grace College in Winona Lake, Dr. Young has quite a few books. 17 in fact!


Al Disbro wrote a book on Winona Lake's History

John Davis from Grace College has published numerous books, including one on fishing

Robert Hudson has several novels, including "The Man From Fishers Landing" and "Murphy's Law"


Our area libraries are great resources for discovering books and learning new things. They also host a wide variety of events. Most do not require a library card to participate in events they hold.

And there are also a few bookstores in the area if you're the kind of person who prefers to own a book - Pete & Freddy's Pages Aplenty located in Mentone, Buffalo Street Emporium & Books in Warsaw, The Word House in Winona Lake opening November 22, 2023, and CedarStone Children's Bookstore in Syracuse.

Do you know a local author? Share them in the comments!


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