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Where To Rent Kayaks

Updated: Nov 9, 2023

With over 100 lakes in Kosciusko County, and the well-known Tippecanoe River among others, we have so many blue spaces to explore!

One easy way to do so is via kayak. And you don't have to own your own to enjoy this method of water exploration. Check out one of the rental options below and enjoy a day on the water!

Their rental includes drop off at a starting point or pick up at the end. Enjoy the scenic views of the Tippecanoe River on a 2-4 hour section of river maintained to be free of log jams. They also offer canoe rentals and can transport your own gear if you own a kayak or canoe.

Offering half and full-day kayak rentals. Delivery or pick up is available for an additional fee.

Located in kiosks at Center Lake and Pike Lake in Warsaw. Rentals are by the hour and facilitated via mobile app. Available April 1-September 30.

Along with kayaks, they offer canoes, paddleboards, and paddleboats.

Offering kayak rentals along with paddleboards and pontoons.

Visit them for kayak and paddleboard rentals.


Ok, so now you know where you can get some gear, but which of the 100+ lakes should you visit? Many of the places you can rent are right on a body of water and they expect you to enjoy the local amenities.

But if you have your own, or want to travel, any easy start is to visit any lake with a public beach area. Syracuse, North Webster, Center, Pike, and Winona. Most have boat/kayak launch areas near their beaches and are large enough lakes you can paddle a while!

If you prefer the scenery of a river, Tippecanoe River (affectionally called Tippy River), is perfect. It winds its way across a large portion of the county. But where to put in? The no hassle decision is to use Tippy River Adventures with their official entry and exit points.

If that's not your style, where E 450 N meets N 100 E in Warsaw gives you access with a little pull off area. You'll occasionally see people fishing there too.

Between the Chinworth Bridge off Old 30 and the CCAC there is a public access point as well.

And another public access point is in Etna Green. 964 IN-19, Etna Green, IN 46524

The big thing to keep in mind is that it will probably take you longer to kayak a distance than you think - unless you regularly kayak and can gauge river kayaking time!

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