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Where To Rent Kayaks

With over 100 lakes in Kosciusko County, and the well-known Tippecanoe River among others, we have so many blue spaces to explore!

One easy way to do so is via kayak. And you don't have to own your own to enjoy this method of water exploration. Check out one of the rental options below and enjoy a day on the water!

Tippy River Adventures

Their rental includes drop off at a starting point or pick up at the end. Enjoy the scenic views of the Tippecanoe River on a 2-4 hour section of river maintained to be free of log jams. They also offer canoe rentals and can transport your own gear if you own a kayak or canoe.

Track And Channel Outdoors

Offering half and full-day kayak rentals. Delivery or pick up is available for an additional fee.

Self Service Kayaks

Located in kiosks at Center Lake and Pike Lake in Warsaw. Rentals are by the hour and facilitated via mobile app. Available April 1-September 30.

Winona Lake Park

Along with kayaks, they offer canoes, paddleboards, and paddleboats.

The Lake House

Offering kayak rentals along with paddleboards and pontoons.

Pedals & Paddles

Visit them for kayak and paddleboard rentals.

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