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2024 Winter Activities To Enjoy In Kosciusko

Indulge me for a moment, and let's flip the script on the winter blues in our beloved county. Ever caught yourself echoing the sentiment that we lack thrilling winter activities? You're not alone. From the vibrant dialogues on the local podcasts, it's evident that this notion echoes through our community.

But why settle for the repetition of a perceived winter activity dearth? Could it be that our focus on the 100+ picturesque lakes has left us overlooking a trove of winter wonders?

I'm here to challenge that status quo. I'm not claiming an equal abundance of winter activities compared to the sun-soaked seasons. No, I'm proposing a revelation: hidden gems of winter recreation, awaiting your discovery. It's not about quantity; it's about the unexpected thrill that comes from embracing new experiences.

Ready for a change?

Let's jump in!


If there's one thing that usually becomes harder in the winter, it's getting enough exercise! Popping out for a walk includes time to layer up, and in general, we are less spontaneous about getting exercise when added steps to enjoy the outdoors are required. Luckily, there are still many ways to be active when snow is on the ground. If belonging to a gym isn't your thing, try one of these!


Whether you want to play in Syracuse, North Webster, Warsaw, or Winona Lake, the local pickleball enthusiasts are ensuring there are ways to get your game on. You can keep up with all the daily options by checking out the calendar on There are also a few facebook groups and email lists you can join if you want to become a regular. for newbies, I recommend starting at the North Webster Community Center (NWCC). For a small fee, you can borrow equipment and learn the basics with instruction.


When you think of yoga, do you think about libraries? Several local libraries have yoga options free of charge. The NWCC also holds regular classes and occasionally a friendly neighbor like Erin Serafino has pop-up options to join in on!

Cardio Drumming

The only location I know for sure offering this right now is the NWCC (noticing a theme?). The good news is that it's an affordable, fun option!


There are a few bowling alleys in Kosciusko. Warsaw Bowl, The Bowling Alley, and Wawasee Bowl. You might not think of bowling as a workout. If that's the case, just ask any bowler or alley employee!

Roller Skating

When you think of roller skating, Hansen's Eastlake Skate probably comes to mind. That's because I believe it's the only option in the county! Check out their open skate times on their website. If roller derby is more your style, ask them about the team that practices there!

Ice Skating

As of last winter, Kosciusko has an outdoor skating rink! Check out the Miller Sunset Pavilion and get some exercise while enjoying the outdoors.


The only official sledding hill is at Kelly Park (130 Fawley St, Warsaw). Unofficially, you might see people at Madison Elementary on the east side outside the gated playground (1436 W 300 N, Warsaw) and Wawasee High School between the tennis courts and the softball fields (801 S Sycamore St, Syracuse).

Dancing/Martial Arts

Kids and adults alike can enjoy dancing and martial arts classes around the county. With so many options, one is sure to match what you are looking for.


Although they run year-round, if you need out of the house, these make a great option. Geared towards kids, check out Lake City Gymnastics offerings, and the NWCC.


If you're more interested in organized sports, check out the YMCA, The Lakeland Youth Center, and CCAC.


Some people might think the performing arts take a break once the snow arrives and the end-of-the-year holidays pass. I'm happy to say there are still several opportunities to enjoy during the first quarter of the year.

Music Classes

Whether you join a Lake City Music Together class with a child 0-5 years, take caregiver and me or piano lessons through Musikgarten, or broaden your horizons learning to play an instrument with Music Encounters, you can be artistically involved in a class!

Library programs

A wonderful resource, the area libraries located in Warsaw, Mentone, Milford, North Webster, Syracuse, and Pierceton offer a wide selection of options. From barbershop quartets, animal safaris, puppet shows, reading programs, story times, and more; the programming options are numerous, varied, and cover a range of ages.


With the North Pointe Cinemas in Warsaw and Pickwick in Syracuse, you can also get out of the house while staying warm seeing a new release. Parents in the area might think of them most in the summer because of the free kids matinee movie series each offers, but like most businesses, they operate year-round!


Many might only know the Wagon Wheel for their summer production series. In reality, they offer additional shows through their Wagon Wheel Jr program, community theatre, conservatory, and concert series. They have six events from January-April before the 2024 summer series begins. Additionally, they periodically offer classes for kids and adults interested in learning more about acting, singing, and dancing.

While we're at it, a reminder that the area high schools also have theater programs and regularly hold concerts, plays, musicals, and more on their stages! is proud to include these on our events calendar.

This category wouldn't be complete without mentioning the Classic Arts Program. With a few events each year, including Java, Jive, and Pie in February, they also have a kids chorale program and a community chorale program. Learn more about each on their site.


With as many options as there are, I wouldn't even think of trying to list them. However, visiting one can make a great date night or family outing in conjunction with another activity on this list. Many locations offer their own entertainment including trivia shows, karaoke, dance lessons, and more.


So I fully admit this is not my area of expertise. However, I know Pierceton has antique stores, Warsaw has an indoor farmer's market during the cold months, and many places have indoor garage sales, bazaars, and more.


It doesn't quite fit in any of the other categories, but this list wouldn't be complete without mentioning The Treehouse, located inside the nonprofit coffee shop at the North Webster Church of God. Free and open most days except Sundays, it's a great place to let kids 2-12yrs play, explore, and use up their energy. If you haven't heard of it or checked it out yet, think of a three-story indoor play structure filled with fun obstacles and a slide.

Ready To Enjoy The Winter?

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